Say No To Krisdayanti

Say No To Krisdayanti. Recognized or not, singer Kris Kristofferson is still a public figure whose behavior is always highlighted so many million pairs of eyes in Indonesia. Evidently, the action of kissing lips in front of the camera, Wednesday (07.21.2010) even with someone else's husband, invites a reaction through a community on Facebook. Group 'Say No to Regis' featuring photographs of middle KD profile gets hot kiss from her boyfriend, Raul Lemos also on display. There is no 24-hour around the 2.327 fan (9:58 pm GMT) to join in it, and provide comments.

Can be imagined, because this group is a 'resistance' to the actions of KD and Raul, in it certainly contains comments, and even blasphemous pitched sneer at the star's romantic couple.

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Mongoose Coffee or Kopi Luwak Halal

Good news for fans mongoose coffee or kopi Luwak. Previously, there was a long debate about halalness coffee from the coffee that comes out with that mongoose droppings. Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has been discussed, and his fatwa mongoose kosher coffee. "If it's kosher purified silver lining," said Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission Asrorun Niam to the press, Monday (19/07).

The exit of the fatwa, it is expected to end confusion about the kosher-mongoose the illicit copies. In fact, the site had circulated mikroblogging twitter what is called the MUI fatwa, on the coffee mongoose unlawful. MUI deny the news. "Demand for coffee to discuss this mongoose come from PT Plantation Nusantara (PTPN) in West Java," said Asrorun Niam.

Therefore, the MUI then discuss it. After that, get out the decision that the mongoose kosher coffee consumed after the cleansing process first. Based on that decision, MUI asks people not to easily trust issues, so they can react more cautiously. As is known, is a type of mongoose coffee coffee collected from the digestive process mongoose, civet similar animals that live in the forests of Indonesia. Civet including smart pick ripe beans to eat.

From there coffee producers will collect the beans that went out with dirt mongoose. Kopi Luwak is known as a rare and expensive coffee in the world. Thanks to this mongoose Indonesian coffee known to the world.

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Kopi Luwak Haram

Kopi Luwak Haram – You’re coffee lovers?, coffee must have known that his name mongoose. Yes, coffee from Indonesia is already an international go-even the title as most expensive coffee and weirdest in the world. Mongoose coffee taste is really different and special among fans and connoisseurs of coffee. Even the press limelight sempatmenjadi Australia. Because, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had time to give a memento to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with coffee mongoose, when a visit to Australia early March 2010 past.

But the Australian Quarantine Bureau expressed mongoose coffee does not go through inspection first, until finally hold the coffee. The press dubbed Australia's building diplomacy.
Coffee mongoose are different and special because of the way fee that is making a strange and sorry "disgusting". The peasants took off mongoose, which is similar to eating civet or civet coffee beans are ripe and falling. After that, they waited for the mongoose is throw dirt. Well, the beans are out along dirt mongoose that was taken for further processing. Because the process is a strange reason, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) will issue a fatwa about the coffee mongoose. According to Chairman of the MUI KH Ma'ruf Amin, before the fatwa was issued fatwas will be held the next commission meeting to discuss coffee mongoose and its laws. "This week, on Tuesday," said Ma'ruf when asked okezone, Monday (19/07/2010) about the time the meeting was held.

As mentioned considerations will issue a fatwa MUI coffee mongoose, a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) is saying because a lot of questions and complaints from the people. According to him, the MUI fatwa, it is expected there is no confusion about the law of the mongoose coffee. Is the MUI will forbid coffee mongoose? Ma'ruf Amin, who are also elders in the Muslim mass organization, said NU mongoose kosher or not will be decided after the coffee session MUI fatwa.

"Yes, take your burulah, in time to be announced." Earlier, Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission Aminuddin Jacob explains, Soluble coffee did not come out with dirt mongoose. This was not soluble coffee drinks made a lot of people. According to Aminuddin, the beans after the mongoose had been digested by chemical changes and will not grow when planted, then it could be considered unlawful. Conversely, if the beans were no changes to the chemical, then it could be decided kosher. "But whether or not lawful, then the fatwa committee meeting," he added.

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Foto Syur Bugil Hot Manohara Odelia Pinot Leaking

Foto Syur Bugil Hot Manohara Odelia Pinot Leaking, actualy Im not going to continuing my last subject about Video Manohara or Video Fatma Trans TV again here and share some video mesum download but indeed this news about Manohoax Manohara again and again spread on the net since couple a days ago. Perhaps we wondering where is this news and hot photos leaking from but I will not digging this Foto Syur Manohara too deep just because Im too lazy for this time.

Foto Syur Bugil Hot Manohara Manohara Odelia Pinot tripped again. This time the naked photos circulating in cyberspace. She asserted that photographs had been circulated a year ago and now again he denies.'That video is cut to pieces and the same picture plugged Mano. Mano want clarification. The photo was taken from the video that has been spread a year ago, "said Manohara encountered in Building Trans TV, Jakarta, recently.He also asked reporters to remember anymore. "Reporters have never asked Mano a year ago," she said.

Mano confirmed from some of the anatomy visible in the photograph, it was not him. The photographs are deliberately withheld from the video, then as Ariel porn video case was booming, the image is issued again. "So this is for the second time, Mano clarification about the photo. Since the first form of videos ever removed from a year ago, "he said. Manohara admitted disturbed. He's so busy because many are asking. Journalists contact her and asked again."But remember this year Mano a Mano went out and never clarified," she said.

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Pengumuman SNMPTN 2010

Pengumuman SNMPTN 2010 or Results of the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN) 2010 was announced simultaneously today, Saturday (17 / 7). However, the announcement or Pengumuman SNMPTN 2010 can be accessed through the website from 18:00 hrs. This year, two state university in Semarang, which showcases the Undip and Unnes SNMPTN.

"Participants can see the announcement on the website SNMPTN or 18:00 o'clock this afternoon," the Chairman of the Local Committee (Panlok) SNMPTN 42 Semarang, Prof. Supriadi Rustad, when contacted Friday (16 / 7 ).In addition to its website, he continued, participants can check manually at several newspapers published in Semarang.

On admission through this SNMPTN, 1619 Undip accept new applicants. While the 2257 candidates Unnes accept new students. "Those who have received has set aside 16 717 examinees that took place on June 16 to 17 then,''he said who is also Vice Rector I Unnes this.

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Video Fatma Trans TV

Video Fatma Trans TV. Trans TV Party video titled denied Fatma Trans TV is played by one of its employees. This video nasty real had circulated since 2008 and recently re-emerged. "Well, now replaced by Trans TV file name behind it," said Public Relations Manager of Trans TV A Hadiansyah Lubis told okezone in Jakarta, Thursday (15/07/2010).The videos that could make this commotion uploaded from one porn site, after the video to spread, the new name of the site and replaced.Hadiansyah suspected perpetrator intentionally launched an action video spreaders to discredit the position of Trans TV. "There seems to be the parties who want to drop and create a negative image of the Trans TV," he said.

Lubis Hadiansyah this morning have reported this case to the Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Body. In his report, he was sure, women in video nasty is not one of the employees of Trans TV. "There is such thing as Fatma, but not him," he said.Based on information compiled porn video circulated yesterday titled Fatma-Trans TV. In the video there are scenes of a woman was having sex with a man.Out of nowhere names Trans TV dicatut by upload the video. Because the three-minute recording that had nothing to do with one of the national private television station.

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Manohara Odelia Pinot Video

Manohara Odelia Pinot Video YouTube Manohara Odelia Pinot Video YouTube - Manohara Odelia Pinot actress denied if the pieces of pictures and videos of women naked 59 seconds duration that circulate on the Internet, Thursday (15 / 7) is himself. Mano, as soon as he is familiarly called, was also admitted there was something different in some forms of bodies in the nude pictures and video. "It's not a Mano. From the anatomical shape of the body, I'm sorry I can not mention it to me," Mano said while attending the event '7 th Anniversary Insert 'in Building Trans TV, Thursday (15 / 7) evening.

According to Manohara Odelia Pinot, this is the second time drawing naked women like herself out on the internet. Previously, the role of soap operas 'Manohara' This could be surprised by a similar video and pictures about a year ago. This time, the images in the video was cut into pieces and made photographs. "The video was made after the previous image is cut into pieces and then removed again. This is the second time, Mano clarification about the video," said Mano who attended accompanied by his beloved mother, Daisy Fajarina. Mano plead not surprised again once appeared nude women photo pieces that resemble themselves. "The trouble themselves because there are so many people who asked," said the virgin birth is February 28, 1992 in Jakarta.

Even so, Mano not want to deal with the authorities. "That's not me. The police can also see the video. And already Mano clarification year ago. I think the video was her figure was not me," said Mano. When asked the alleged perpetrator spreaders came from Malaysia, with a smile Mano simply said, "I have nothing to worry about that '."

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Nexian A890 Journey Spec Price Review

Nexian A890 Journey Spec Price Review. Nexian Journey comes with an elegant design of the basic colors of white with a red line around it and accompanied by a navigation trackball is very responsive to very easy to do activities with this phone. This device supports all the features provided by Google because Google license Nexian Mobile Service. Starting from the Android Market, Google Maps, and Gmail. It is also equipped with class 12 GPRS networks, EDGE multislot class 12 and UMTS DL / UL 7.2Mbps/2Mbps or HDSPA.

Nexian A890 Journey screen used is the screen with Touchscreen capability that is very responsive so it is easy to operate this phone without a stylus. Screen: 3.2 inch, TFT, 262k, 480 x 320 pixels HVGA (Capacitive Touch Screen). This product is also equipped with a 5MP camera, 3.5mm audio jack, Java, Wifi, Video recorder, video player, Bluetooth, RadioFM, and USB Cable Connection.

Nexian A890 Journey Spec Price Review Nexian A890 Journey Specification
Operating System: Android Platform Version 1.6 (Donut);
Connectivity: Quad band GSM / GPRS / EDGE, Tri-band UMTS / HSPA, HSUPA 2Mbps HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, WiFi, Bluetooth;
CPU: 600 Mhz
Screen: 3.2? HVGA Capacitive Touch Screen;
Memory: MicroSD Card Support
Camera: 5 MP camera;
Navigation: GPS;
Other features: E-Compass, the G-Sensor, 3.5mm headset jack, support the Google Mobile Services (Android Market, Google Maps, Gmail);

Nexian A890 Journey Price
This Smartphone priced about Rp 2.499 million during the exhibition ICF and ICS in 2010 in JCC, Jakarta.

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The Jek Ngesbray Video Download

The Jek Ngesbray Video Download perhaps become some silly hot search on the SERP, I don’t know why but in fact there is alot of SEO Master join and stick around with this The Jek Ngesbray keyphrase. Two teenagers who allegedly as a player in a video nasty which has shocking residents of Kampung Peusar, Rumpin, Bogor Regency, West Java, today underwent examination at the police station in Bogor, Wednesday, July 14, 2010. Chief of Police Sector Rumpin, Adjutant Commissioner Sufyan said, this case has been delegated to the district police Bogor. "DA and DL live investigation at the Special Assistance (RPK) of Bogor district police," he said, to, Wednesday, July 14, 2010.

Meanwhile, Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit (visible Reskrim) Bogor district police, Adjunct Commissioner of Police, Jasmin Ginting confirmed that two teenagers are currently undergoing examination gonzo videos related to their similar. The video will spread and make people angry. "We'll be understood better in their interests to record the scene. Curug Cigamea Hotels in the region," he explained. In addition, he said, the video nasty with the title "The jek Ngesbray" which lasted 20 minutes and 09 seconds later also circulated under the name "Ariel-Luna Video Cicangkal version" was recorded using a mobile phone.

Naming the files with the name Ariel and Luna is expected as a result of the spread of sex videos that allegedly performed by Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari whose case is now handled Police Headquarters. "Wait for the results of RPK officers," stated tangible. Because the more widely circulated in the area, some residents fret and the perpetrator's parents came home, Sunday night.

However, when people come to raid, DA and LF virtually nothing at home. Not satisfied, angry residents who then searched the DA's parents' house and found the LF was hiding in the closet room. Residents had a tantrum and could be mengaraknya around villages. Thankfully, the anger residents successfully muted the village chief, Suhendra.

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Video Velove Vexia and Ariel Peterporn

Video Velove Vexia and Ariel Peterporn - Velove Vexia soap star had joined named in the row of artists who have a porn video with Ariel. Velove Vexia who had just come from the U.S., now provide rebuttal. He said, did not know Ariel."Know the person really, but I never knew, I just saw on TV, oh it's him," he said after attending a Velove encountered Under Water Pond's Beauty Showcase at Epicentrum Walk Rasuna, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Saturday (07/10/2010) night .

Velove the middle of vacation from his studies in the United States had admitted it could interfere with the gossip. But he did not discuss it further."I am concerned with the artist's name is brought," said the daughter's lawyer OC Kaligis.Although the father taking care of Ariel's case, Velove never interested to find out. He also would not ask his father to find out who was spreading rumors that she "includes artists who have a video with Ariel.

"I think everything will come out which is true, what is wrong. No need to do anything," he said.

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Film Selimut Berdarah

Film Selimut Berdarah - Former child star singer Enno Lerian kecemplung eventually plunge into the world to start acting debut in the starring role in film production bloody BLANKET K2K Productions. This marks the existence drowned after his name arose in the entertainment world.We met at Planet Hollywood on Monday (12 / 7) in the event the film thanks, Enno justify it. "If you want to say longer exist, may exist rather survive," he said bluntly.

Today, Enno claimed more courage to take all sorts of things that have never been tried. Enno unmitigated dare show his body clad in lingerie little comeliness."His name is trying something new, nobody likes that do not exist, the origin is not desperate. If later many who do not like I'm going to learn more. That added motivation," he said.

As a movie player, as a relative newcomer Enno shadow-player competition with more fresh young players who did not make it inferior. "Every person has human resources, there is nothing to fear from those who are more beautiful, because I could," said Enno steady.

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My Healthy and Lifestyle

My Healthy and Lifestyle - There are fewer websites today that inform people online about Healthy and Lifestyle choices, food, eating and diets. Finding small kitchen appliances that promote health and assit your family in a healthy lifestyle are few and far between. Canning vegetables and sauces is very easy too and is a skill you can learn in a very short time. One of those choices would be whether we want to continue eating obese foods, such as fast food, refined foods, processed foods or bleached foods.

Imagine with Healthy and Lifestyle you can produce fruit or vegetable juices on demand, that will be healthy and vitamin rich with absolutely no preservatives or additives.

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Video Porno Shireen Sungkar

Video Porno Shireen Sungkar. Video mesum yang digosipkan mirip artis Shireen Sungkar dibantah pakar telematika Abimanyu terkait Video Shireen Sungkar. Dan ini bisa dilihat secara kasat mata, bahwa pemeran perempuan di video tersebut bukanlah artis. "Yang mirip kan hanya poni, kalau dilihat jelas, bukan mirip artis Shereen," katanya di Jakarta, Rabu malam (7/7/2010). Sementara itu, video tersebut sebenarnya sudah dibahas pada tahun lalu, namun kini ramai lagi diperbincangkan karena kasus video mesum Ariel.

Meski sudah beredar luas di dunia maya, namun hingga kini pengunduh film porno mirip artis Shireen Sungkar itu belum berhenti. Dalam adegan panas itu, selain jarang menggunakan dialog, pelaku yang mirip Shireen itu ternyata juga suka berpakaian serba gelap.(Blz/Dj) (

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Prediksi Pertandingan Jerman vs Spanyol

Prediksi Jerman vs Spanyol yang akan tanding dini hari nanti, postingan ini hanya merupakan postingan kuotasi Pertandingan Prediksi Jerman vs Spanyol yang bak kontes seo dimana para master sepertinya di putaran semifinal ini pada turun gunung dan bangun kucek-kucek mata xixixi. Selama berpuluh tahun, Spanyol selalu dikenal sebagai tim yang hebat di penyisihan namun melempem di babak utama. Kondisi ini membuat Spanyol dianggap terkena 'kutukan' dalam setiap turnamen besar.

Namun, setelah mereka menjuarai Piala Eropa 2008, perlahan-lahan baik publik maupun pemain Spanyol yakin 'kutukan' itu sudah sirna. Dan, kini peluang untuk semakin menghapus 'kutukan' itu tinggal satu langkah lagi. Dan para pemain Spanyol kini dalam kepercayaan diri tinggi untuk menapakkan kaki mereka di babak final.

"Saya yakin kami akan lolos ke final. Saya sangat percaya kami bisa melakukan itu," kata gelandang Andres Iniesta. "Ini pertandingan paling penting dalam sejarah tim nasional Spanyol," kata penjaga gawang Iker Casillas. Meski para pemain tengah dalam kepercayaan diri yang tinggi, pelatih Spanyol Vicente del Bosque memilih tetap mewaspadai Jerman yang dihuni para pemain muda. "Tim Jerman saat ini adalah tim yang memadukan nilai-nilai tradisional Jerman dengan sepakbola bermutu, kualitas dan bakat-bakat muda," kata Del Bosque. "Jika saya ditanya, maka Jerman, Spanyol dan Belanda merupakan contoh terbaik sepakbola Eropa saat ini," tambah mantan pelatih Real Madrid itu.

La Furia Roja masih mengandalkan duet Fernando Torres dan David Villa di lini depan. Perbedaannya sekarang adalah hingga babak perempat final penampilan Torres belum kunjung bersinar sehingga Spanyol kini praktis hanya mengandalkan ketajaman David Villa.

Dan memang, Villa sejauh ini menjawab kepercayaan itu dengan menyumbang lima gol dan menjadi top skorer sementara Matador. Perubahan lain adalah Spanyol kini sedikit defensif dengan memainkan Xabi Alonso dan Sergio Busquets sebagai duet gelandang bertahan dalam formasi 4-2-3-1. Kelebihan Spanyol adalah tim ini memiliki lebih dari satu pemain yang mampu berperan sebagai kreator permainan. Sebut saja nama Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta atau Cesc Fabregas bahkan Xabi Alonso.(

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Prediksi Jerman vs Spanyol

Prediksi Jerman vs Spanyol - Kabar menggemparkan muncul dari ajang bergengsi Piala Dunia 2010. Berhembus isu bahwa pertandingan antara Inggris vs Jerman akan digelar kembali, menyusul gol gelandang Inggris Frank Lampard yang dianulir wasit dalam putaran 16 besar Piala Dunia.

Sejumlah media online nasional pun telah menghembuskan kabar ini dengan mengutip pernyataan dari juru bicara FIFA. Disebutkan, pertandingan antara Inggris vs Jerman akan diulang. Sementara, pertandingan semifinal antara Jerman vs Spanyol akan diundur.

Namun, reporter tvOne di Johannesburg-Afrika Selatan, Yohannes Indra mengungkapkan, pertandingan ulang Inggris vs Jerman untuk sementara ini hanyalah isu. Ia membenarkan bahwa memang kabar itu sedang hangat beredar di sana. Ia mengatakan, apabila isu tersebut benar-benar terjadi, maka tidak akan mengubah jadwal pertandingan.

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Prediksi Belanda vs Uruguay

Prediksi Belanda vs Uruguay - Uruguay akan bertemu dengan Belanda pada pertandingan semifinal Piala Dunia 2010 di Afrika Selatan. Uruguay maju ke semifinal setelah menundukkan Ghana dalam drama adu penalti. Sedangkan Belanda menyingkirkan favorit juara Brasil. Laga Uruguay melawan Belanda akan berlangsung di Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, pada 6 Juli sekitar pukul 01.30 dinihari WIB. Uruguay kini menempati peringkat 16 dunia. Sedangkan tim Oranye jauh di atasnya, peringkat 4 dunia.

Dalam laga nanti, Uruguay diperkirakan menerapkan sistem 4-3-3. Sedangkan Belanda 4-5-1. Belanda terbilang komplit dari formasi kekuatan. Di depan, tim Oranye yang diarsiteki Bert van Marwijk memiliki Robin van Persie, Eljero Elia, Arjen Robben, dan Wesley Sneijder, gelandang yang juga acapkali membantu serangan. Belanda juga memiliki pemain bertahan kuat, Gregory van der Wiel dan pemain tengah Nigel de Jong. Namun keduanya akan absen karena dihukum. Khalid Boulahrouz dan Demy de Zeeuw kemungkinan akan turun lapangan. Read more Prediksi Belanda vs Uruguay

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Prediksi Paraguay vs Spanyol

Prediksi Paraguay vs Spanyol - Denis Caniza masih menyimpan kenangan baik dan buruk menghadapi Spanyol di Piala Dunia. Di Prancis 1998, ketika Paraguay datang sebagai debutan, Caniza menjadi bagian tim yang menahan Spanyol tanpa gol dan membuat La Furia Roja gagal lolos dari penyisihan grup. Di Korea/Jepang 2002, Caniza menjadi bagian tim yang dikalahkan Spanyol 3-1 di babak penyisihan grup. Namun kekalahan itu tak cukup membuat Paraguay gagal lolos dari penyisihan grup.

Kini Caniza berharap dirinya mendapat kesempatan ketiga menghadapi Spanyol di Piala Dunia, dan bermain kali ke-13 di perhelatan sepakbola terbesar di jagad ini. Jika tidak, ia akan berupaya berbagi pengalaman di ruang ganti kepada rekan-rekannya yang lebih muda. Caniza kini berusia 35 tahun, dan secara reguler duduk di bangku cadangan. Namun dia tidak menyesali keputusan pelatih Gerardo Martino, karena tahu Paraguay butuh tenaga terbaik untuk mencapai tahap tertinggi di Piala Dunia.Baca lengkap Prediksi Paraguay vs Spanyol ….

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Prediksi Argentina vs Jerman

Prediksi Argentina vs Jerman - Jerman sekali lagi membuktikan diri sebagai negara yang mempunyai sejarah panjang dan hebat. Di tengah segala kekurangan dan kelebihan, Jerman mampu melangkah hingga perempatfinal. Seperti di Piala Dunia 2006 lalu, Der Panzer akan kembali bersua musuh abadinya, Argentina. Pertarungan diprediksi akan berjalan ketat, karena kedua tim memiliki kekuatan berimbang. Sesuai rencana, kedua negara akan saling bertarung di Stadion Cape Town, Sabtu (3/7/2010) malam. Legenda Jerman, Gerhard Muller juga memprediksi laga akan berjalan ketat. Namun Muller tidak menyebutkan siapa yang akan ke semifinal.

"Saya rasa bola akan banyak berada di lini tengah. Keduanya bermain imbang, lalu ke perpanjangan waktu. Mungkin adu penalti," jelas Muller dalam acara Adidas Golden Boot di Nelson Mandela Square, Kamis (1/7/2010). Pencetak gol terbanyak Jerman di Piala Dunia ini memuji skuad Argentina yang menurutnya nyarisbtanpa cela. Jerman pun akan kesulitan menghadapi permainan atraktif milik Argentina ini.

"Maradona dan stafnya sudah bisa menyatukan tim. Kelebihan Argentina adalah jajaran striker berkelas yang membuat mereka. Mudah mencetak gol," tutup Muller seperti dilaporkan wartawan okezone Azwar Ferdian langsung dari Afsel. (fmh: okezone) Baca lengkap Prediksi Argentina vs Jerman …..

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Prediksi Uruguay vs Ghana

Prediksi Uruguay vs Ghana Sukses Uruguay mencapai perempat final Piala Dunia kali pertama sejak 1970 telah menyita perhatian publik sepakbola negeri kecil itu. Namun mereka harus menaklukan Afrika jika ingin mencetak sejarah. Ghana, yang akan dihadapi Uruguay di perempat final, bukan lagi 'individu' yang bertarung di babak penyisihan. Sejak menjadi satu-satunya tim Afrika yang lolos ke babak kedua, Ghana bertarung untuk seluruh Afrika. Kami telah membuat setiap orang di Afrika bangga," ujar Asamoah Gyan, pencetak gol kemenangan Ghana atas AS di perdelapan final.

27-05-2010 Uruguay    4 - 1    Israel
12-06-2010 Uruguay    0 - 0    Prancis
17-06-2010 Afsel          0 - 3    Uruguay
22-06-2010 Meksiko     0 - 1    Uruguay
26-06-2010 Uruguay    2 - 1    Korsel

05-06-2010 Ghana    1 - 0    Latvia
13-06-2010 Serbia    0 - 1    Ghana
19-06-2010 Ghana    1 - 1    Australia
24-06-2010 Ghana    0 - 1    Jerman
27-06-2010 AS          1 - 2    Ghana

Situasi Uruguay

Oscar Tabarez hanya akan melakukan dua perubahan. Menurunkan Mauricio Victorino sebagai pengganti Diego Godin, dan Alvaro Fernandez menjadi starter -- mengisi tempat Alvaro Pereira.

Uruguay punya masalah disiplin, dengan tiga pemain telah terekan kartu kuning. Mereka berpotensi kehilangan salah satunya jika mencapai semifinal.

Prakiraan Susunan Pemain: Muslera; M. Pereira, Lugano, Victorino, Fucile; Perez, Arevalo, Fernandez; Forlan; Suarez, Cavani

Situasi Ghana

Black Stars punya dua masalah. Jonathan Mensah dan Andrew Ayen tak bisa dimainkan karena akumulasi kartu. John Mensah cedera, dan diragukan bisa bermain. Kevin-Prince Boateng kemungkinan digantikan Derek Boateng atau Rahim Ayew.

Prakiraan Susunan Pemain: Kingson; Pantsil, Mensah, Vorsah, Sarpei; Inkoom, Annan, D. Boateng, Muntari; Asamoah; Ayew

Pemain Layak Diamati

Luis Suarez: Suarez diprediksi akan mencetak gol lagi, dan menjadi penentu sukses timnya mencapai semifinal kali pertama sejak 1970. Oscar Tabarez berharap banyak padanya, dan Diego Forlan akan berupaya mendukungnya dengan memberi banyak umpan.

Asamoah Gyan: Siapa bilan Asamoah Gyan hanya bisa biki gol lewat titik penalti. Ia membuktikannya saat melawan AS, dengan gol yang menentukan kemenangan Ghana. Gyan akan menjadikan laga ini untuk mengembalikan reputasinya, dan kembali menjadi incaran klub-klub Eropa.

Prediksi Uruguay vs Ghana

Ini pertarungan dua underdog. Namun kini Uruguay difavoritkan, dan Ghana didukung masyarakat seluruh benua. Castrol World Cup Match Predictor memperkirakan peluang Uruguay memenangkan laga mencapai 73 persen. Celeste memiliki pertahanan terkuat, dan dipastikan akan dengan mudah mengatasi serangan pemain muda Ghana.

Uruguay 2-0 Ghana

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Prediksi Belanda vs Brazil

Prediksi Belanda vs Brazil ini memang bukan informasi prediksi bola hanya saja memang benar wapres mengadakan nobar untuk Belanda vs Brazil ini. Wakil Presiden Boediono mengajak wartawan peliput kegiatannya di Istana Wapres untuk bersama-sama menonton pertandingan babak perempat final antara kesebelasan Brasil dan Belanda, Jumat (2/7/2010) malam. Ajakan Wapres Boediono disampaikan seorang stafnya, Kamis sore tadi, kepada Kompas di Istana Wapres, Jakarta.

Wakil Presiden Boediono punya calon yang dijagokan pada Piala Dunia 2010. "Idola saya kalau tidak Spanyol ya Brasil," ujar Wapres, belum lama ini, saat ditanya pers seusai rapat di Gedung II Istana Wapres.

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