Jackie Chan Death Died 2011

Jackie Chan Death Died 2011. Again, appears dead celebrity news. After the issue of Mick Jagger's death, today's news emerged Jackie Chan died of a heart attack. But when traced to Jackie Chan's official site was not found information about the grief the news. Last Activity Jackie namely on March 24, in which Jackie participated to help victims of natural disasters Japan.

Spreading  of the news about Chan died because of news that was published on a site that mentions that Jackie Chan died of a heart attack in care at a hospital in Los Angeles, United States. Seobego wanna say this just another silly hoax news for april fools day.

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Bee Gees Vocalist Almost Killed

Bee Gees Vocalist Almost Killed: One of the singers music group Trio 'Bee Gees' Robin Gibb was rushed to hospital due to stomach pain to incapacitate. Friends and family until wary of the health condition of Robin, worried that his health crisis similar to that experienced by twin Maurice, who died 7 years ago.

"The similarity with the tragic death of Maurice are very scary, all the people praying there is nothing in their genes, which make the twins were susceptible to something that can be deadly," said a source who quoted from Femalefirst. Friday (09/03/2010). Maurice had a heart attack during emergency surgery repair a blockage in his intestines in January 2003.

The first time was taken to hospital last August 10, Robin condition is now slowly improving. "(The incident) luckily was at home, and doctors are still examining the results of medical tests,"concludes the source. If you wanna take a look bio celebs just feel free to browse Celebrity Biography.

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