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Belajar SEO WordPress (WordPress SEO Learning) perhaps need some extra attention for newbie blogger like me but it it a consequences to handle and face the effect, whatever it good or bad. But in fact every body do on page and off page optimization to handle and keep result page on the good track. Whoa sometimes it takes time a lot  for blog sampah of course it more time consuming than it SERP's position, you need to working hard if you would beat the search engine especialy for SEO contest's keyphrase. But what I do right now is just continuing SEO Pingback a couple a days ago to build and get some fresh air to breathe.

Even it was and still so hard but I must fix some error on page (not this blog), tryin to clean up the messy codes on page and tryin with new themes with valid xhtml and css on it. Today my blog little bit up but still need a million fresh backlink to picking up the page with new title. Well I hope for a couple next days my page will back on track even I still do some belajar pingback for it.

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Support For Master SEO

In order to give some support again for one of Master SEO who have been fixed his engine today I'd like to give a little support for him as one of his student at Kampus SEO, Im not a good student but this just kinda little gift from me. This is not a SEO Contest but this just my daily notes. Actually Im too lazy now to write some posting and honestly I don't know what should I write here, and even what should I write about Belajar SEO Google.

Its been two days Im so lazy to do some optimization and write some post on dummy blogs, hell right Im to lazy to share anything but what I do is just drink some coffee and enjoy it inside the rain essence, for now I will take some rest for Belajar SEO and stay at the real world :) 

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Belajar SEO Pingback

Belajar SEO what is this? humm this just a title with no special meaning but it will be a special means for my other blog, this post is just a little pinging for dyin' blog, I still can't understand what happened to my blog, there is no keyword more. Almost all keyphrase already dead. A couple a days ago Im tryin' to changed the title with Belajar SEO WordPress, its just because that blog used wp for the platform and not because Im a master seo, hue I don't understand anything about what people called SEO. What I do is just give a little support for my self and my dying weblog.

Untill now I still figuring out what realy happened with that blog, even with new title my blog still not indexed by google search engine. Its hard for newbie like me to face this problem, I don't know if this problem arise just because I moved data center from US to Singapore, I don't know.

What I do know is just tryin and tryin to give him some pingback from some my dummy blog

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Finally Download Film 2012 Free Links!

Today I just want to give you some extra Download Film 2012, an extra free reference for you to grab the greatest movie ever, just because this movie is so controversial in public oppinion, but this is just a free link for you and I dont wanna discuss about kiamat 2012 theory.

In recent weeks Download Film 2012 become so hot and popular themes to discuss, there is a lot of people discuss about this 2012 movie or even about  the 2012 theory. Will 2012 years become the end of the world? Well its all defend on you but I will discuss here, what I do here right in my post is give you some free links download film 2012 even I’ll not give you directly from here, actually I will give you free link source right through my friends page which contain any free links download film 2012.

I know there is a lot of explaination about the end of the world but this 2012 theory is so fenomenal, this things so attracting people to debate but I don’t intresting with the discuss I’d rather give you some free download links than discuss it. Anyway have you seen the original 2012 dvd? humm unfortunately I just give you this cool free download 2012 links, but its cool anyway, ya at least my friend said so.

Grab the free links download here, feel free to download, it doesn’t take cost anything. Have a nice day :D

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Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa

Well this is the first time I write about Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa here, I don't join this super hot and long SEO contest, what I do now is just give some little support for one of Master SEO who join this game. I know this support doesn't mean much but actualy this is a truely my deepest little support from me as SEO Newbie. This SEO contest is the longest optimization time ever in world, five month to optimization is not a simply optimization, it takes time and much energy to doing well.

There's a lot of SEO participant here, they also doin' the same thing and have same directions, every participant working hard to get their page into the best SERP's position. Ya maybe my friends right, this is a long way road to heaven :) this is the hotest contest with a lot of participant inside. They dance with google, they sing with google almost every day. What a hardly optimization. Well I thing I have no word for chit-chat right now, finally I just wanna say keep on fighting with Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa :)

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Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata Pandeglang Support

Well now I just wanna give a little support for my best brother inside Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang which has a little more time to participant doing optimization and do some scratching for their contest page or post. I hope this post will soon read by the search engine.

Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang was and still hot seo contest in Indonesia, ya I know seo contest exploded in Indonesia and some of Asian country, there’s so much seo contest and there’s a lot of cool reward which attracted seo participant all around the blog. This post is just a support for my brother inside the battle, a little support from this blog and I hope it could be pumping his seo contest post.

Now this contest entering the injury time limit, just a couple a days more to gives participant of this contest to do some optimization, I thing this time is a wrong time if you still do backling building but its not wrong at all if you gives some support for your friends.

This Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang is a tough seo contest after stop dreaming start action ended, there’s a lot of seo participant join forward into this game. Well I thing its enough for me to write this post  today coz still stuck with my silly internet connection.

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Mbah Gendeng

I just want to inform a fresh silly SEO Contest with title Mbah Gendeng, I do not join this contest but just bring this news to inform to you all the sites visitor, so put your sitbelt on if you wanna join this game, becarefull dont be Gendeng.

Well yesterday some of my friends inform me about Mbah Gendeng SEO contest, actualy this is another SEO contest held in Indonesia, I don’t know anything about mbah gendeng before, even I never heard about his silly name. Who is he? I don’t know at all but this event held for his bithday anniversary. Cool ha he present a SEO contest for his birthday, anyone ever heard before? I mean similar event with this event in world? no, I never heard before but I don’t know exactly if it was.

In english Gendeng mean crazy, Mbah mean Grandfather so if Im not wrong Mbah Gendeng mean Crazy Grandfather :D just correct me if I do wrong. This contest provide a crazy gift to if you win the serp, $400.000 ups I mean Rp.400.000 whahahahaahha, it doesn’t matter with the price :D for some people maybe SEO contest with big price attracting them to join but for me this silly SEO contest so attracting. No special reasons, just because every time I remember the name I wanna laugh, just because when I see his page he overing batu akik and jimat pengasihan just like vodoo things :D

I thing Mbah Gendeng will be so famous one in this cyber media especialy in serp’s. Wanna join this contest? contact me in shout or comment this post, I’ll be glad to informing you where you can
find the true source :D

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